Custom Embroidered Patches trends in 2016

sample2In the 80 and 90 were part of the wardrobe of all, and today are back in fashion: places like the embroidered patches, one of the most versatile ever accessories you can use to beautify their clothing. The origin of patches is lost in the mists of time, when the fabric was much more expensive and less available today: to make clothes last longer, then the patches were applied at the points where the garment was worn or torn, covering them and thus allowing clothes to last longer. In time, the patches have started to be more and more attractive and decorated, going from a home remedy to real fashion accessory, used also in the absence of holes to be repaired.

Today, the embroidered patches are primarily used as a means of expression: it is not always easy or possible to find clothing that best represent us and our interests, but thanks to the patches it becomes increasingly possible. There are in fact patches related to music groups, movies, cartoons but also governmental organizations, bodies of the armed forces, and so on: the limit is given only by your imagination. Whatever your interest, there is probably a one patch that embodies the best, but if there is anyway you can draw it, and it made to measure for you, resulting in a custom embroidered patch.

What are the reason of using custom embroidered patches in 2016?

Another reason why the fabric like use the embroidered patches is to make known their belonging to a team or to an association: an example can be given from the martial arts, in which you can not customize its full kimono but is always You can apply a patch with your name and the name of your sports association. Other examples of this kind can be found in the biker groups, in teams of softball or even in schools that sometimes decide to add embroidered patches with your own coat of arms to their uniforms. Add a patch to their usual attire is a simple and inexpensive way to cement their sense of belonging to a group or a team, and can really do wonders for the morale of the group.

Apply the patches on their clothes and on their accessories is easy: although all the embroidered patches can be sewn, in fact, for most of them there is also the possibility to apply them with an iron, merely to iron the patch on ‘dress in question. There are also the patches that are applied with a Velcro mechanism. Of course, not all patches must necessarily be worn: being so versatile, they can also be used as decoration to frame and hang on the wall, perhaps to complete a picture with other pictures and themed souvenirs. In this way, the embroidered patches are a wonderful gift to give to someone, since they take into account the interests of the person to whom you will gift and allow you to customize it to the fullest.